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April 01, 2017


I've wanted to visit Europe since forever and I'm so happy it finally happened. For the first leg of this trip, I traveled with my friend Paisley to visit our mutual friend Mark, who is studying abroad for a semester at Central Saint Martins. On a general scale, London reminded me of New York with a few hundred years and an accent added to it. The city is never bored; there's always something going on. We lodged in an Airbnb right off the Turnpike Lane stop on the Piccadilly line. I found it extremely easy to use the Tube, maybe because I lived in New York and had to learn the subway the hard way. Piccadilly Circus area reminded me of a surreal blend of Times Square and Madison Avenue. If you've never been to either, picture loads of people, designer shops, tourist and chaos! But the good kind of chaos. London is such an international city. I enjoyed walking the streets and hearing all the different tongues from a plethora of places. I also really enjoyed all the street style. I wish I would have creepily stopped people and asked for their picture because in London, absolutely ANYTHING goes! Which is so different from what I've experienced here in the states. In the states, I feel as though people dress a bit more trendy. If I walk down the street, I'll probably see similar versions of the same outfit multiple times. In London, I experienced more fashion risks. I saw things that I wouldn't wear but really enjoyed looking at. I saw more trend setters instead of trend followers which was quite refreshing. Nonetheless, I am inspired.

My biggest recommendation in traveling abroad and trying to see everything fast is hopping on "Big Bus" tours or a version of them. Majority of major cities have them. They are a great way to see all the monuments and sites that might usually take a lot of time and money to see on your own. No matter how touristy it was I'd say it was one of my best purchases while abroad. Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Harrods, London Bridges, Notting Hill, Oxford Street etc...those are places I've only seen in pictures and to see them in real time was like a dream. One of the highlights of my trip was getting to know some of the locals. It was interesting to pick their brains and learn about all the local spots they hang around. Here are some photos from my trip. I have so many more but I figured I wouldn't bore you with pictures you can Google :)

Before I went on this trip, I chit chatted with a local photographer, Joshua Brathwaite, about doing a collaboration. He was so chill, down to earth and is super talented. I really enjoyed working with him. Here are some photos from our shoot:
Jacket: H&M
Striped duster & pants: Primark


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