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September 24, 2017


Remember when you were a 12-year-old meeting someone who was 25 and thinking they were so old, mature, and had it all together? Yeah…me too. I am older and more mature but the altogether part? Well, we’ll just say that’s a VERY relative statement lol. Many 25-year-olds, even older people I talk to seem to dread the whole turning a quarter of a century thing. Maybe it’s cultural – American media and society worships the idea of being “age-less” or promoting anti-aging this and that. BUT I have big news…aging is inevitable. Aging is part of life’s cycle. With the exception of plastic surgery and Botox – you will get older and hopefully wiser. In my case, I am happy where I am and with where I’m going in life thus far. I am so blessed to have gained the wisdom and knowledge I’ve accrued over the years. There is beauty in growing older.

I’m not going to tell you to find yourself in this post. That would be misleading of me. You will always be “finding” out new things about yourself. Your likes and dislikes will change as you grow and develop. Remember the tooth fairy and Santa Claus? Or even when you swore you’d never touch tomatoes or avocados? too.

I’ve been typing this list for a while now and I thought I would share 25 things 24 taught me. I have been through a lot of moments, events, situations, and ordeals that have taught me lessons and brought me great success. As I’m sure many of you reading this have experienced. Everything you see, do, and hear, consciously or subconsciously will affect you. Sometimes it may be positive and other times it may wreck you to your absolute core. That’s life and that’s how we become who we are. That’s how you know you’re actually living.

Learning to love myself has been one of my biggest struggles. I struggle with positive self-talk on a daily basis. I am my biggest critic. I can be extremely hard on myself. I knit-pick myself and sometimes wonder why I’m not good enough. But I am more aware of how detrimental negative thoughts are; I’ve learned to block them out and replace those thoughts with uplifting ones. I try to make a conscious effort to forgive my flaws and embrace them, work on what I don’t like and accept what I can’t change…

SOOOO with that said…I've learned way more than 25 things in 24 years of living. If you get bored and stop at the 24th “thing,” I understand lol.

-       You are so much bigger than that one mistake.
-       Capitalize on your strengths.
-       Instead of giving people what they want, be what YOU need.
-       Don’t give up before you get there. Wherever you’re going. Even if you don’t know. If it feels right, keep going.
-       Movement is progress.
-       YOU ARE LOVED.
-       It’s ok to learn by mistake.
-       A bad day doesn’t last a lifetime.
-       Positive thinking can change your life. It’s changed mine.
-       You are worth it.
-       Single doesn’t mean lonely.
-       Just because everyone does/has it, doesn’t mean you have to too.
-       Don’t be afraid to be you.
-       People will disappoint you but God will never fail you.
-       Don’t lose sight of why you first started.
-       Not every relationship was made to last.
-       You will fail. Sometimes you will fail hard. Learn from that and try again.
-       Be the first to forgive – move on.
-       Life will most likely not go according to plan; adjust your sails.
-       Be a positive light in someone’s life.
-       Enjoy the process, don’t have regrets by focusing only on the end point.
-       Not everything is as it seems.
-       Being alone is good for the soul.
-       Find a hobby.
-       It’s ok to lose your mind…just make sure you come back to us…at some point.
-       Don’t underestimate yourself.
-       Instead of wholly leaning on support from others, learn to support yourself and your goals, dreams, and ideas.
-       Validate your own ability to know what’s right for you.
-       Find something that centers you.
-       Use failure as motivation.
-       Know the difference between being absent from something and being free of it.
-       And always remember to get a confirmation email!

To whomever is reading this: love yourself, know your worth…then add tax.



A failed attempt of me using Hi-float in a balloon and trying to get that explosion effect!


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