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January 01, 2018


Hi friends. I know it's been a while since I've posted on here but honestly life has been a series of constant activity. When I have downtime, I either want to sleep or sleep. Feel me? I have a bit of a long winded blog post for you so I hope you don't doze off like I do every morning on my commute to work. 

For starters, the name of this post is called P!NK M A T T E R because my lovely blogger friend Tuyet and I went to the Seattle Goodwill Glitter Gala this past November. It's an annual event which helps fund job training and education within the community. This year they made over $520,000! I love shopping for a good cause as I have less regret looking at my wallet after the damage is done. 

This was my first year participating and boy was it an absolute mad house. Just think - tons of people, tons of clothes. Tuyet sent me a video link of what Goodwill would be carrying during the gala...immediately I fell in love with this standout pink Paul Smith suit that was featured in the video. I wanted and needed it. 

The day of the gala, I figured it had already been snatched up because we didn't get into the sale until a couple hours after the doors opened. To my complete surprise, as soon as I walked in, I saw that pink suit. It was God. It was fate. It was mean't to be. I swooped that bad boy, tried it on, and I was sold. I hope you enjoy the photos my friend ALYSSA took of me. She got killer skilzzz.  

Now to the what I'll be focused on this new year...

Back when about three people read my blog (my mom, sister, and mom again from a separate account b/c she's my #1 fan), I wrote a little piece about my 3P's: Patience, Positivity and Perseverance. It was actually written around this same time last year. I think around this time of year, we tend to get consumed by the stress of deadlines, holiday prep, and last minute gift shopping (which I'm totally guilty of.) I often get caught up in the mix of things, not feeling as in control as I'd like. By in control, I mean watching what I say, do, hear, and think. 

At the end of every year, society makes us feel as though we need a New Year's resolution. I believe resolutions should be made on your own terms and whenever you feel most comfortable and able to execute it/them well. BUT if you're looking inspiration for the upcoming year, take a look at what I'll be working on in 2018. 

MY 3C's:


I chose the word "childlike" because a few months ago, I overheard a conversation at the gym between two swim instructors. One was venting about her day; talking about what she had experienced in her classes. She said it was easier to teach kids because they take encouragement well. Even though the kids aren't necessarily catching on to the technique, they used that encouragement to keep going. On the other hand, she continued saying the adult learners seemed to digress from encouragement and made negative comments about how horribly they were doing. 

When you were a youngster, the folding and closing of the hands over the eyes were enough to make you believe you or the other person actually disappeared for a second. When I think of the word childlike, I think of having such a reckless abandon in the opportunity to try new things. I think of how as we grow up, sometimes we become a bit negative or jaded toward the world because of what we've gone through, heard, said, or done. 

Childlike, to me, means taking whatever hope you can muster and believing in yourself and others with that hope. To never be bitter about an outcome that failed but to have drive, determination, and stamina to try again. To open your heart, mind, and soul to whatever path you've braved or are currently journeying. 


  A feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgements.

Confidence is something I've had to gained and continue to gain. It is something I work on every. single. day. Some days I fail. Other days I am Queen with a capital Q. I've learned that people are attracted to confidence, I know I am. My advise is to fake it till you make it. Horrible advise, right??? Not really. It's almost like brainwashing yourself. It's making a conscious effort to change your thought patterns on a daily basis. Be very repetitious about it. By doing this, you will eventually believe and know that you are amazing. Now, I would like to point out the difference between confidence and cockiness though. Always choose humble confidence. The right people and the right opportunities will become available to you. 

My advice is to also think more positively in order to maintain confidence. I read a tweet the other day that resonated with me. It said, "Stop repressing and ignoring 'negative' feelings and blaming negative life events on your inability to 'think positive.' Start thinking critically about your sadness and grief to better understand yourself as a person." I think this statement coincides well with confidence. If you can understand and navigate negative thoughts, you are aligning yourself to essentially take their debilitating power away. You are empowering yourself to pinpoint those thoughts/ideas and imposing a solution.


When people think of the word compassion, I believe most people think about helping others in need - alleviating their pain. Don't get me wrong, having compassion for others is something I truly have and desire to have more of. I can empathize/sympathize immensely with people, even people I barely know. But the kind of compassion I'm focused on this upcoming year is compassion for myself. 

Often times I find myself giving friends, family, and coworkers advice and/or listening in hopes to them help problem solve. Sometimes I forget that I need to have compassion for myself. I need to recognize areas in my life that pain me and find ways to ease that pain myself. Sometimes, you are the one creating and maintaining your own suffering. When we don't realize or want to accept that WE are the problem, we try to point the finger at others. 

My advice is to remind yourself that it's ok to mess up and fail. Use your failure as fuel and try again. Accept and forgive your failures, have compassion, and help yourself. A "failure" is the best form of customized learning bespoke for the individual involved. It's like a totally unique "higher education" workshop. It has the potential to give the best advice for your life/future endeavors.

Finally, to whomever is reading this:

Love yourself, know your worth, then add tax.




  1. beautiful pictures

  2. Love this post! That suit looks amazing on you and love the photos!

  3. I like this pink suit on you even more now!

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