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January 15, 2018


Hey there,

I hope the new year has treated you with its best. The new year has kept me busy with new projects, both personal, blog, and work related. I wish the new year was as refreshing as everyone fancies it to be. I wish that on the first of January I woke up bright and early, ready to accomplish every resolution I made. In reality, starting anew is a gradual journey and does not happen instantaneously. However, sometimes being inspired can take years or maybe even just a moment - if you haven't felt that sudden inspiration for the new year yet; be patient. I never want to force something that, I know to my core, is not meant for me. Do I force some things that aren't good for me anyway? Of course, because I am human and will always be learning - sometimes by trial and error (inserts shrug emoji)...

One thing I will continue to practice is writing. I love writing. I've enjoyed it since I was in grade school. It's something I'm continuously improving on. I purchased a new journal because my old one was overflowing - stuffed with chicken scratches, drafted ideas, abstract sketches, to-do lists, arithmetic, phone numbers, blog posts, and stories that will never escape it. Some things are meant to stay between you and God...

There is something about the process of writing that soothes me. It's my hobby, my outlet, and my stress reliever. It's something I have as my own and I may share as I please. It's a place for me to be completely raw and unedited. It's where I feel most comfortable and safe...

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Also, here are some photos taken in our cozy Airbnb in Sunriver, Oregon this Christmas:

Love yourself, know your worth, then add tax.


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