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March 28, 2018


Hey friends,

If you haven't already, check out the IG version of my experience in my highlights here.

It's 11:30 am, I'm going about my daily routine at work when I glance at my phone. I see an email notification titled: TIMELY - Estee Lauder potential opportunity. I've worked with Estee Lauder on previous partnerships, so I was very excited to find out what this opportunity entailed.

As I open the email, I read that Estee Lauder wants to fly me out to Los Angeles for a photo shoot at Smashbox Studio to promote their Double Wear foundation. I was absolutely shocked...I was so surprised. I honestly thought, "Who, me?" Immediately, after trying to digest what I've read, I text my mom the information. She calls herself my "mom-ager" so she's always the first to know about anything! Also, she's my mom.

As I received more information about the opportunity, I said yes, and we hit the ground running. My ticket was booked, my measurements were taken and now all I had to do was wait. When my mom found out about this, little did I know, she booked her ticket before I even had mine. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to come with me to experience this with...

One of my biggest challenges is that I am very impatient. To be honest, it's one of my worst qualities but is something that I am constantly working on everyday. I can also be very stubborn and the combination of the two can be and has been very detrimental to my growth in coming into my own. I try to work on being more proactive to counteract my impatience. While I'm waiting for something to ensue, I try to be productive on other things in my life that might be lacking or where I feel I need to pay a little more attention to. These normally include working out, meditating, reading, writing, creating, self-care, spending time with family and friends, etc. Sometimes, I don't engage in these "slow down" activities, and loose patience or make impulse decisions because I'd rather see a result now than wait for a potential desired outcome...

The day came. It was time to board the plane and I was more than ready. I was nervous but so excited to experience something that I've literally only ever dreamed about.

I got off the plane and my mom pulls up in a Dodge Charger (sshropshire)...very fitting! I couldn't stop laughing but she drove it like a boss. We headed to The Jeremy Hotel which was absolutely amazing. The staff, the room, the views, the food, everything was on point and nicely done. I even ran into Kenya Moore from Real Housewives of Atlanta while staying there...

After exploring the hotel and a bit of West Hollywood, my mom and I decided to call it a night. We got to Culver City early enough to get some coffee and saw the most beautiful sunrise...

When I arrived at Smashbox Studio, I was immediately put into hair, makeup, and nails. I met a lot of inspiring and talented people at this shoot. So many people doing what they love. I loved picking their brains and finding out where and how they started. While talking to the hair stylist, Rick, he mentioned how he got into the business and that he did Beyonce's hair...(my internal thought process: If you touched Beyonce's hair, does that mean she's touched my hair in which then I can say I've been touched by Bey???) Hi. I'm extra...

When I walked onto set; I felt confident, I felt comfortable, and felt in my element. I really do love modeling. It's been the greatest self-confidence booster for me. I am so humbled that I was chosen with eight other beautiful women to participate in this photoshoot. In my regular job, I work in production, but I enjoyed seeing production on such a major scale. I even met the husband of the woman who's hands are the hands of Tiny Tasty! So random but so cool...

Overall, I'd say this was an experience I will NEVER forget. I can't wait to tell my kids someday...

Here's what I wrote in my journal waiting to board my flight:

"I'm sitting here at the SeaTac Airport...I hear the rhythm of the conveyer belt bashing against the shaft, the whistling of angsty wheels rolling across the pale linoleum floor. The curly haired man FaceTiming his wife and the disgruntled mom asking her child if he needs to use the restroom on last time. I never thought in a million years I'd be sitting in an airport waiting to board a flight to LA for a photoshoot for Estee Lauder. I am so thankful and so blessed to have been given this opportunity. I was at the right place, at the right time. So, as I sit here and write this, I'm praying that I soak up and savor this experience. I pray that this is the first of many." 

Keep doing what you love, even if you don't see results right away. Be passionate and persistent about what you want. Manifest it through prayer, thought, and action.

And last but not least,

Love yourself, know your worth, then add tax.




  1. Way to go Sarah! Excited to see where this road leads!

  2. So proud of you and happy you enjoyed your trip!


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